Boat rental with skipper Naples: the best way to enjoy the boat

Rent a Boat in Naples Italy

Renting a boat in with a skipper, be it motor or sailing, is the best way to enjoy whole days of relaxation thinking only about fun.

When renting a boat, stress is not included; you just have to enjoy the fun and relaxing moments with friends or family, without any worries. That’s why the best option is to position yourself on the sundeck and let the skipper take care of the navigation.

When hire a yacht, generally, the skipper is mandatory given the importance of the boat and the difficulty in performance; with sailing boats, on the other hand, it is also possible to rent (without skipper). To drive the boat, however, you will need the appropriate boat license. A sailboat can be rented without a skipper in the high season for a week. In less crowded periods (before June and after September) it is also possible to find a rental for a few days.

For the rental of motor boats, the skipper will be mandatory, and you can rent your boat with a skipper even for a single day. There is nothing better than having fun and enjoying every moment while you are sailing, without having to think about the route to follow and other tasks.

Why rent a boat with a skipper in Naples or Sorrento

The skipper is a professional figure who will accompany you during the rental of your boat. He will making you enjoy your tour along the coasts, discovering the best bays in the area. Entrusting navigation to a professional skipper has many advantages. First of all, the knowledge of the place, which will allow you to visit the best areas also based on the weather conditions. In some cases, he will take you to the discovery of lesser known coves and, according to your needs, he will always be ready to advise you on the tour to take.

The skipper will think about navigation, follow the route to the destination and navigate safely before dropping the anchor. There is nothing better than having to think only about relaxation without the stress of sailing and where and how to anchor the boat. If you are on a sailing boat, however, the deployment of the sails by the skipper will be part of your tour. A wonderful experience for those who have never been on this type of boat.

It should be noted that the skipper is the captain of the boat, and as such has responsibilities both towards the owner of the boat and towards the passengers on board. Therefore, in case of not ideal weather conditions or other unsuitable situations, he may decide to modify the tour for everyone’s safety. Furthermore, it is good to remember that the skipper does not carry out the duties of a hostess or personal cook. If such services are desired, there are various companies that provide them by hiring extra staff.

After discovering the figure of the skipper, what are you waiting for to relax on board one of our boats to discover the wonderful Campania islands? 

Capri, Ischia, Procida and the splendid Amalfi and Cilento coasts waiting for you!