Rent a boat in Positano: four recommended tours on the coast

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Holidays in Positano, called the vertical city, since 1997 has become a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a charming town overlooking the sea.

Positano is certainly one of the most iconic and visited towns on the Amalfi Coast. City overlooking the sea, and in addition to offering beautiful and iconic beaches, it is possible to take many tours to better discover the town. The pretty little houses, nestled one on top of the other, intertwine and create a fairytale setting that is fully enhanced by the colors of the exclusive boutiques and the beautiful clubs. During a holiday on the Amalfi coast, it is impossible not to stop in Positano, the destination of many tourists every year, even among the most famous VIPs in the world. Not easy to move, given the high road traffic, the solution by sea is always one of the best. One of the tours that most enchants tourists is an excursion and a boat tour from Positano to see the Amalfi Coast through its best point of view, the one from the sea.

Hire a boat in Positano can be a winning idea to spend a wonderful day on the Amalfi Coast; let’s find out which are the four most iconic boat tours starting from Positano:

Capri boat tour

The island of Capri is certainly the symbol of a place that over the years has created a real world brand. Celebrities from all over the world come to visit it. The crystal clear water, its jagged coasts, the blue grotto and the stacks are the symbol of an island loved by tourists. Navigating around the island doesn’t take much, just 10 nautical miles, but pausing in some points becomes a must if you mean to have hired a boat for a tour of Capri. Among the icons of the island, the blue cave will require a wait to enter given the high amount of tourists.

You will be taken with a rowboat, and you will be accompanied to this cave dug into the island, where inside you will find yourself in a fairytale place, with a blue sea. Another symbol of Capri are the Faraglioni, where your skipper will let you experience the thrill of passing in the wake of one of the two. A unique and sometimes romantic experience if you are a couple.

Amalfi boat tour

Amalfi is one of the fixed stops if you want to be sure that you have fully visited the Amalfi coast. If you intend to rent a boat in Positano, reaching Amalfi is simpler and more enchanting than doing it by land. Along the way you can admire first of all the splendid coast, and the fantastic villages that rise above. After passing Arienzo and Praiano, a first stop is a must at the Fiordo di Furore and the Emerald Grotto. Two of the tourist attractions that various customers require when renting a boat on the Amalfi coast.

In addition to some splendid photos, the crystal clear water will call you back for a first bath and a little relaxation. Before arriving in Amalfi, you will see Conca dei Marini, another noteworthy bay on the Amalfi Coast. Once you arrive in Amalfi, you can go down to enjoy the town and all its tourist attractions for a few hours while walking along the typical streets of the coast. A tour in Amalfi, renting a boat in Positano and not suffering the stress of the coastal traffic is the best idea.

Sorrento and Nerano boat tour

Besides the Amalfi coast, the Sorrentine coast is also noteworthy. Sorrento is one of the most popular cities for tourists, and if you are staying in Positano, the best way to visit it is by renting a boat in Positano. Your boat tour to Sorrento will have to make the first stop at the “LiGalli” island, a private islet not far from the coast, very suggestive to see and with crystal clear water. Continuing the navigation, and along the coast, first Nerano and then Punta Campanella will make you enjoy the last glimpses of the Amalfi coast before starting to skirt the Sorrento coast.

Along the way, you will skirt the splendid bays such as the “baths of Queen Giovanna”, the coast of Massa Lubrense, Baia delle sirene and Cala Mitigliano, before arriving in Sorrento. Before returning to Positano and completing your boat tour, you can go ashore and visit the center of Sorrento, also facilitated by the new lift that will take you directly to the center from the port.

Sunset tour by boat in Positano

By renting a boat from Positano, you can take a splendid sunset tour by boat. See “the vertical city” overlooking the sea, and walk along the coast near Positiano sipping a glass of prosecco, or an aperitif at sunset. A unique experience of its kind, whether with friends or as a couple, see the sun set aboard a typical Sorrentine gozzo and relax on its sundeck. If you manage to carve out more time, after admiring Positano from your boat, you can head towards Capri and watch the sunset from the splendid Faraglioni.

If you are planning a holiday on the Amalfi Coast, and you want to spend a day or a weekend on a boat, do not hesitate to contact us. We are at your disposal to satisfy all your needs by offering you the best boats and tours!