Renting a boat in Amalfi: 4 recommended boat tours on the Amalfi coast

Boat Rental Amalfi

“For the Amalfi people, the day they go to Heaven will be a day like all the others: because they already have paradise here, in their home.” (Engraving on the city gate)

Amalfi was the oldest of the Maritime Republics and one of the oldest cities in Campania. A piece of Italian history that over time has been able to transform itself into one of the most famous and renowned destinations for foreign and non-foreign tourists. Iconic is its Cathedral that stands in the center of the central square, and its historic center that will immerse you in the deep sense of Mediterranean architecture.

Renting a boat in Amalfi can be a winning idea to spend a wonderful day on the Amalfi Coast. Let’s find out which are the four most iconic boat tours starting from Amalfi:

Capri boat tour

The island of Capri is certainly the symbol of a place that over the years has created a real world brand. Celebrities from all over the world come to visit it. The crystal clear water, its jagged coasts, the blue grotto and the stacks are the symbol of an island loved by tourists. Navigating around the island doesn’t take much, just 10 nautical miles, but pausing in some points becomes a must if you mean to have hired a boat for a tour of Capri. Among the icons of the island, the blue cave will require a wait to enter given the high amount of tourists.

You will be taken with a rowboat, and you will be accompanied to this cave dug into the island, where inside you will find yourself in a fairytale place, with a blue sea. Another symbol of Capri are the Faraglioni, where your skipper will let you experience the thrill of passing in the wake of one of the two. A unique and sometimes romantic experience if you are a couple.

Amalfi Coast boat tour

Coming from Salerno, Amalfi is the first iconic city of the Amalfi coast. By renting a boat in Amalfi you will therefore be able to take a tour along the Amalfi coast by boat in the best possible way. Along the coast, you can admire a scenery to be enchanted; almost all the towns along the coast develop vertically and seeing these constructions clinging to the coast is a more unique than rare sight. One of the first areas to see will be the emerald cave and the fjord of furore, very famous among tourists.

Continuing the navigation, before arriving in Positano, Praiano and Arienzo will continue to let you experience all the charm of the Amalfi coast. Positano certainly needs no introduction. One of the symbolic cities of the Coast, seeing it by boat is something unique in the world. Not far from the coast, the islet of “Li Galli” is also worth a visit, as well as Nerano, to complete a boat tour not to be forgotten for the rest of your life.

Sorrento Coast boat tour

Besides the Amalfi coast, the Sorrentine coast is also noteworthy. Sorrento is one of the most popular cities for tourists, and if you are staying in Amalfi, the best way to visit it is by renting a boat in Amalfi. Your boat tour to Sorrento will have to make the first stop at the “LiGalli” island, a private islet not far from the coast, very suggestive to see and with crystal clear water. Continuing the navigation, and along the coast, first Nerano and then Punta Campanella will make you enjoy the last glimpses of the Amalfi coast before starting to skirt the Sorrento coast.

Along the way, you will skirt the splendid bays such as the “baths of Queen Giovanna”, the coast of Massa Lubrense, Baia delle sirene and Cala Mitigliano, before arriving in Sorrento. To complete your boat tour, you can go ashore and visit the center of Sorrento, also facilitated by the new lift that will take you directly to your destination from the port.

Sunset tour by boat Amalfi and Positano

By renting a boat from Amalfi, you can take a splendid sunset tour by boat. See “the vertical city” with a sea side view, and walk along the coast near Positano while sipping a glass of prosecco, or an aperitif at sunset. A unique experience of its kind, whether with friends or as a couple, see the sun set aboard a typical Sorrentine gozzo and relax on its sundeck. The stretch of coast between Amalfi and Positano is also to be discovered, having wonderful places to observe on board the chartered boat.

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