Sailing itineraries by renting a sail boat in Procida

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Rent a sailboat or a catamaran starting from the island of Procida

Discover the magnificent itineraries for your unforgettable sailing holiday

The island of Procida is one of the three islets in the gulf of Naples, together with Ischia and Capri. The conformation of the Gulf of Naples, with its destinations to be visited by boat very close to each other, make it the ideal place for a splendid holiday on a sailing boat. Being a boat suitable for relaxation, and therefore not very fast, to fully enjoy more places in the same boat holiday, the various coves and islands need not be too far away.

Renting a sailboat or a catamaran starting from the island of Procida can be an excellent idea to have a double itinerary available. An itinerary on a sailing boat to the south, with the Phlegrean islands of Procida and Ischia, and then continue towards Capri and the Amalfi coast. The other itinerary towards the north instead, beyond the Phlegrean islands, also includes the Pontine ones made up of Ventotene, Ponza and Palmarola.

Let’s take a good look in detail at the magnificent places that can be visited by renting a sailboat in Procida and making the two types of boat itineraries.

How to get to the island of Procida?

The sailboat has an average speed of about 5 kt. This is why calculating movements well is important to optimize the holiday. Leaving from Procida means already being on one of the destinations. But how to get to the island?

There are various ways to get there, and they are listed below:

  • Ferry or hydrofoil from the port of Naples
  • Private boat transfer from Mergellina (Naples)
  • Ferry or hydrofoil from the port of Pozzuoli
  • Ferry from Monte di Procida (summer months)
  • Private transfer by boat/rib from Monte di Procida

Sailing holiday by renting a boat from Procida: Flegrean and Pontine Islands

Let’s start with the itinerary towards the north, the magnificent Pontine islands. Once unmoored, it is worth seeing Procida, with its famous bay of Corricella, and Chiaiolella. Not to be overlooked is the islet of Vivara, a small islet that is now private and declared a naturalistic park. Continuing the itinerary by boat, towards Ischia. Only two miles separate the closest points of Procida and Ischia. It is a large island, it can be navigated clockwise starting from the Aragonese Castle and continuing towards Sant’Angelo, Forio and Casamicciola. We recommend Ischia to stop at least one night in one of these ports to enjoy an Ischian evening.

Pontine Islands

We set sail from Ischia, with a short sail we will arrive in Ventotene. The itinerary of the Pontine Islands begins here. Only 20 miles divide the northwest part of the island of Ischia to Ventotene. Very small island, but which acts as a stopover between the Phlegrean islands and the splendid Ponza, for a sailing holiday without excessive navigation.

Once you leave Ventotene, head towards Ponza which you will reach with a few hours of navigation. Island with crystal clear sea, naturalistic-looking coves, and very fascinating evening life if you want to stop for a night in the port. The most beautiful coves to visit are in the north-western part of the island such as Chiaia di Luna. A very few miles (4) separate Ponza from Palmarola. An essential destination if you want to say that you have visited the Pontine islands. Water  among the most crystalline in the whole Mediterranean, wild landscapes will make you experience a real day at the beach and unrivaled relaxation.

It’s time to return. About 50 miles separate Ponza from Procida. The navigation can also be interrupted on the way back with a stop in Ventotene, or try the thrill of a direct navigation towards the port of Procida.

A sailing holiday from Procida to the Pontine islands can be organized in various ways. You can leave from Procida in the direction of Ventotene and Ponza (as well as Palmarola) skipping the splendid Ischia. Or you can leave from Procida, continue to Ischia, and sail longer towards Ponza and Palmarola, skipping the Ventotene stage.

Sailing holiday by renting a boat from Procida: Flegrean Islands – Capri – Amalfi Coast

A further alternative itinerary starting from Procida is that of the Flegrean Islands and Capri, as well as part of the Amalfi Coast. Once you have visited the small and pretty island of Procida, you can head towards the island of Capri. Only 14 miles away, the island of Capri is a destination known throughout the world. Numerous tourists visit the island and its waters every year.

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Once you have visited Capri, you will be spoiled for choice. You can make two choices: visit the entire Amalfi coast, from Punta Campanella to Amalfi, and then head towards the island of Ischia. Or discover part of the Amalfi coast up to Positano, visit the Sorrento coast, before heading to the island of Ischia. Surely in these places you have to stay at least 2 nights. Unique and enchanted places, where everything will seem like a fairy tale.

Once the part of the itinerary between Capri and the Amalfi Coast is finished, before returning to the port of Procida, a short visit to the island of Ischia is a must. You can head towards Sant’Angelo, and then continue counterclockwise towards Cartaromana, at the foot of the Aragonese Castle.

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