Vacation on hired sailing boat or catamaran between the Phlegraean islands of Ischia and Procida

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Volcanic islands, wild and with bays to be discovered. The Phlegrean islands of Ischia and Procida are among the favorite destinations for a splendid holiday on a sailing boat or catamaran.

A few miles from the coast, culture and scenic beauty are a plus for organizing a sailing holiday. For sailing boats or catamarans, as they are not fast boats, it is important to have all destinations close by, to minimize navigation and see as many areas as possible. Whether you rent a sailboat from Naples or directly from the island of Procida, the first stop will probably be Procida.

Flegrean Islands on a sailing boat: Procida

There are few miles from Procida to the Campania coasts: a distance of 20 miles starting from Marina di Stabia, crossing the splendid Gulf of Naples and the view of the majestic Vesuvius during navigation. About 11 miles starting from Naples and just under 6 miles starting from Pozzuoli. In a short time you will find yourself in “Corricella”, the most famous place on the island. Pastel-colored houses and clear water await you for the start of a sailing holiday in the best possible way. The island of Procida is a small island, circumnavigating it will not require much, but it is worth anchoring in the various inlets such as Chiaiolella, islet of Vivara, tip pizzaco and solchiaro, Ciraccio, Silurenza.

Even getting off on the island has its own reason: the ports where you can moor are those of Marina grande Procida or the port of Chiaiolella. Alternative is to go down with the tender to one of the beaches. A small walk through the alleys full of history, Mediterranean beauty and a pinch of wild island. Not to be missed is certainly the Procidana gastronomy. Stopping at the mooring for the night can also be an excellent idea to dine in one of the excellent seafood restaurants. Not to be missed is the excellent spaghetti with sea urchin, a granita with lemons from Procida and an excellent language of Procida, a typical dessert of the island.

Flegrean Islands on a sailing boat: Ischia

Less than two miles is the island of Ischia from that of Procida. A short navigation, and if you are lucky with the right wind, opening the sails will give that touch of beauty to your sailing holiday. Coming from Procida, one of the first stops will certainly be Cartaromana and the Aragonese Castle. A bay with crystal clear water, at the foot of the castle that will give even more charm to your harbor. Ischia is a fairly large island, and touring around the island will require more than a few days to properly visit it. From Cartaromana, continuing clockwise, you will sail towards the south. Crossing the coast, immediately after the Maronti beach, you will arrive in Sant’Angelo.

Sant’Angelo is the characteristic Mediterranean village with all the colorful houses perched on the tuff ridge of the mountain leaning against each other and overlooking the wonderful panorama of the crystalline sea of ​​Ischia. This crystalline sea is the destination of many superyachts, also for the variety of shops and clubs that are on land. Continuing the navigation, in a small cove there is the Bay of Sorgeto, famous for its open-air thermal waters. Along the west coast you will find the citara beach, one of the largest and most popular on the island. It is very suggestive to anchor under the lighthouse of Punta Imperatore, or to visit one of the most famous thermal parks of the island: the Poseidons. A series of rocks and panoramic points will be visible along the navigation of the west coast, up to the small port of Forio. The sunset from this side of the island is one of the most enchanting, thanks also to the islands of Ventotene and Ponza in the background.


Nightlife and moorings in Ischia

The north coast of the island of Ischia as well as having some small coves, has 3 marinas in which to moor to go ashore and visit the island: Lacco Ameno, Casamicciola and Ischia Porto. Nightlife and some of the best clubs are located in this area of ​​the island. Even in Ischia, good food is not lacking. Rabbit all’ischitana is one of the traditional land dishes not to be missed. Even sea-based restaurants must be taken into consideration: off the coast of Ischia there is one of the most fishy areas in Campania.

A one-week vacation on a sailing boat or aboard a luxury catamaran is an excellent travel idea to visit these beautiful Flegrean islands of Ischia and Procida. You will have all the comfort of a house on the sea, and you will experience unique sensations.

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