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The Gulf of Naples, one of the most beautiful places in Italy that opens the doors to many destinations. A unique conformation, having a few miles away from some of the most important and visited places in the world. The Gulf of Naples is a starting point for various destinations that will make you spend one of the most beautiful holidays you have ever had.

If you want to rent a boat in Naples for a day you are in the right place; we indicate some destinations or typical days to spend by renting a boat in Naples.

As mentioned, the conformation of the Gulf of Naples is unique. You can decide to sail in any direction and in a few miles arrive in a magical place. The Phlegrean islands of Ischia and Procida, the island of Capri, Sorrento, Nerano and Positano and Amalfi are some of the most iconic places to reach. It is difficult to find a place like Naples in the Mediterranean. In a few miles you will arrive at your favorite destination. By organizing the day in the best possible way by renting a motor boat starting from Naples, it is also possible to make more than one stop on the same day.

Rent a boat in Naples with destination Capri and Sorrento

The most requested and most iconic destination among tourists is certainly the island of Capri (read our article here). A few miles the distance between Naples and Capri, less than half an hour and you will have a view of the faraglioni, a place where all tourists ask to photograph themselves. There are many tourist attractions both along the coast and on the island; Capri attracts a large audience, starting with superyachts with VIPs and famous people on board. Another important destination is Sorrento (read our article here) and the magnificent Sorrento coast. Not too far from Capri, you can imagine visiting this other city very famous among foreign tourists. While sailing between Capri and Sorrento, from Punta Campanella you can admire many views of the coast and coves along the Sorrento coast

Rent a boat in Naples with destination Ischia and Procida

Volcanic islands, so close to each other but so different in size and shape. Procida is a small island (read our article here), made on a human scale. Circumnavigating it takes very little time. La Corricella is certainly the most famous cove in Procida, with its pastel-colored houses. Vivara, chiaiolella, ciraccio the other areas to visit. A few miles away from Procida, there is the island of Ischia. The island of Ischia is much bigger (read our article here). Coming from Procida, the first place to stop is Cartaromana, at the foot of the Aragonese castle. Crystal clear water and breathtaking landscape; Sant’Angelo will follow. Very famous bay where you will also find superyachts at anchor. Also famous are the open-air spas in the bay of Sorgeto, where you can admire hot volcanic water coming out of the aquifers.

Rent a boat in Naples with destination Nerano and Positano

Positano (read our article here) is one of the symbols of Italy in the world. It needs no introduction, with its “vertical city” it is the dream of all foreign tourists to come here at least once in their life. One of the easiest ways to get there is by sea. From Naples it is just under an hour of navigation, but it will certainly be worth it. Located in the center of the Amalfi coast, you can also think of going down to the marina to visit it. Do you want to taste a typical dish of the coast? Well you can’t not stop in Nerano, at one of its infinity restaurants on the sea to taste the typical Nerano pasta. There is a lot of requests for transfers from Naples to Nerano for a lunch and a fabulous view.

From Naples, in any direction you go, you will find a destination worthy of a fairytale day. The conformation of the gulf of Naples allows you to quickly get to wherever you want to go.

Are you still undecided about your destination? Contact us and we will offer you the best solution to your needs, making you live a unique day of its kind! We are always available to satisfy our customers in the best way.