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Flegreacharter.it is the first nautical marketplace dedicated exclusively to the Campania region that puts shipowners in contact with customers. An innovative idea, which becomes an opportunity for the many shipowners who wish to increase their customers and take advantage of the services and partnerships we will create.
If you are a professional owner, you will have the opportunity to increase the visibility of your fleet by saving on sponsorship costs, or, if you are a private owner, you can share your boat, thus making it an income and recovering the annual management costs.
If you are a customer, through the platform you can rent a boat moored in the Campania region, choosing from the various proposals, the one that best meets the desired characteristics.
We at Flegrea Charter have decided to combine the love for our territory with the passion and expertise gained in the maritime field, and this is precisely what allows us to provide targeted and specific services both to the owners of pleasure boats and to customers, to offer you an unforgettable boat experience, letting you experience the whole Campana atmosphere.





The Phlegraean Fields are a large area located in the Gulf of Pozzuoli, west of the city of Naples, known since ancient times for its lively volcanic activity. In particular, it includes the municipalities of Naples, Pozzuoli, Bacoli and Monte di Procida which, due to their historical and landscape importance, attract visitors from all over Europe. In 2003 the Campi Flegrei Regional Park was established thanks to the many areas present here of important biological and natural value. The long coastal strip, famous thanks to the seaside tourism it has been able to attract over the years, extends from the town of Bagnoli to the small town of Monte di Procida. Areas of particular interest are the islet of Nisida and the Gulf of Pozzuoli which borders the small Gulf of Baia; a dive at the foot of the famous Aragonese Castle of Baia is a must. Continuing the itinerary, the locality of Punta Pennata in the municipality of Bacoli is very popular, a small island not far from the mainland but quiet and sheltered, ideal for a day at the beach. Finally, the town of Monte di Procida and a boat ride to discover the rock of San Martino, a very small island located near the port of Acquamorta. Thanks to the proximity to the islands, the small Phlegraean marinas are strategic to reach them. With less than half an hour of navigation, you can easily get close to these oases of natural beauty to enjoy their coasts.



Naples rises almost in the center of its gulf, the metropolis is bordered by the Phlegraean Fields and the Sorrento peninsula. Its large Gulf, which is created along the coast starting from Punta Campanella, passing through Marechiaro, Mergellina, Posillipo and descending towards the Sorrento peninsula, will surprise you with the wide range of points of interest it offers in navigation. Naples holds the record of the largest UNESCO heritage historic center in Europe, countless monuments from different eras, streets and alleys full of history and traditions, breathtaking views, a lively nightlife, excellent cuisine without equal in the world, and a style of theatrical life, unique and original. The view of the Gulf with the grandeur of Vesuvius as a backdrop, makes Naples a real postcard. It is also easy to reach the islands of Capri, Ischia and Procida from Naples in just over half an hour, depending on the type of boat.




The Sorrento peninsula is located between the Gulf of Naples and the Gulf of Salerno. It is an area rich in historical and natural beauties. All the places on the coast, very famous all over the world, have an ancient and consolidated tourist vocation. The part of the peninsula overlooking the Gulf of Naples constitutes the Sorrento coast, while, on the side overlooking the Gulf of Salerno, it forms the Amalfi coast. The irregular and jagged coast will welcome you in what many define as a real paradise on earth. Scent of lemons, fragrances of flowers, crystal clear sea is what awaits you. The beauty of these areas will leave you breathless: the particular conformation of the coast is similar to a balcony suspended over the water, so an aperitif on a boat at sunset is recommended to admire this splendid terrace from the Tyrrhenian Sea. In addition to the advantageous proximity to the island of Capri, the peninsula has countless coves near which to enjoy a day at sea with your own boat. From Sorrento to Salerno, passing through Amalfi and Positano, Vietri, Minori, Maiori and Cetara, navigation will certainly not disappoint you. Even from Salerno it is possible to leave for the peninsula, thanks to its valid ports such as the Marina d’Arechi, a few kilometers from the city. The route is equally pleasant from Salerno to Naples and vice versa.



The gulf of Naples is embellished by the presence of several islands. Capri, Ischia and Procida are famous all over the world for their beauties, suggestive panoramas and naturalistic and cultural characteristics. While Capri, south of Naples, is a rocky spur detached from the peninsula in prehistoric times, Ischia and Procida are born from the intense volcanic activity of the Phlegraean Fields. Traces of this volcanic origin remain in the numerous thermal springs and fumaroles present on the coasts and on the seabed. It is these volcanic attractions that have allowed the tourist development of the area. To most, in fact, Ischia is known as the Capital of Wellness of the Mediterranean; Also known as the “green island”, Ischia, in addition to the variety of flora, enjoys characteristic bays in which the thermal activity is manifested. The most famous of all is the bay of Sorgeto, with its mirror of warm water reachable by sea. The island of Ischia enjoys real pieces of paradise: along the coast it is possible to enjoy the sea among the caves typical of the coastal conformation such as the Green Grotto and the Magician’s Grotto. Furthermore, the scenery at sunset of the Aragonese castle is enchanting, continuing the navigation and then docking in S. Angelo to discover the alleys of the ancient village.
Procida is a niche island and winner of the title of Capital of Italian Culture 2022: small, folkloric, uncontaminated, for true lovers of authenticity. Also of volcanic origin, what remains of an ancient crater is the islet of Vivara, joined to Procida by a bridge. Today it is a state nature reserve and its coastline is included in the Kingdom of Neptune Marine Protected Area: so be careful not to pass too close to it, but certain beauties can also be enjoyed from afar. The most popular beach is that of Chiaiolella, but if you really want to admire all the beauty of the colorful island we recommend a boat ride at the Marina Corricella, the oldest fishing village in Procida. Ischia and Procida remain, due to their unique characteristics, some of the most popular tourist destinations in the Mediterranean and crowded with thousands of boats and yachts every day during the summer.



Capri is an island in the Gulf of Naples that is as small as it is famous. It is a limestone rock that interfaces with the Sorrento peninsula. It is divided into two municipalities, Capri and Anacapri, and contains history, culture, architecture, natural oases and worldliness in this small space. Appreciated for exclusive hotels, unbridled shopping, aperitifs and refined dinners, with an unparalleled view, for international VIPs it is a destination where to always stop during the Italian holidays. The island offers numerous natural sites of great beauty. The most famous is the Blue Grotto, a rocky cavity where the sea is tinged with blue thanks to a fun game of sunlight. During the summer, the Capri coast is invaded by yachts, thanks also to the numerous inlets that make the stay on the boats peaceful and protected from the winds. As well as the Certosa di San Giacomo and the Arco Naturale, we count among the most visited destinations on the island, including the Faraglioni, which can be reached from the Marina Piccola and Marina Grande in just over 10 minutes for a postcard landscape. It is possible to drop anchor near the most famous rocks of the gulf for a day of relaxation.



Cilento is a territorial area south of Campania and includes the territories between Paestum / Agropoli up to Marina di Camerota / Scario. In 2021 it was awarded with 13 Blue Flag beaches and every year it brings Campania among the top 4 regions in this special ranking. The recognition certainly speaks volumes about the wonderful sea of this area. Sailing, snorkeling and boat trips together with roof tops, villages and natural landscapes will give an additional touch to a holiday that has a stop in Cilento. Among the most famous places in this part of the Campania coast are Palinuro, Marina di Camerota, Agropoli and Castellabate. Here it will certainly be possible to find coves for guaranteed relaxation, and non-mass tourism that makes Cilento the ideal area for those in search of beauty and tranquility.