Blog: Boat Rental Amalfi

Renting a boat in Amalfi: 4 recommended boat tours on the Amalfi coast

“For the Amalfi people, the day they go to Heaven will be a day like all the others: because they already have paradise here, in their home.” (Engraving on the city gate) Amalfi was the oldest of the Maritime Republics and one of the oldest cities in Campania. A piece of Italian history that over […]

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Rent a boat in Positano: four recommended tours on the coast

Holidays in Positano, called the vertical city, since 1997 has become a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a charming town overlooking the sea. Positano is certainly one of the most iconic and visited towns on the Amalfi Coast. City overlooking the sea, and in addition to offering beautiful and iconic beaches, it is possible to […]

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Rent a boat in Sorrento: four recommended tours on the coast

Taking a holiday on the Amalfi Coast and Sorrento Coast is to be done at least once in a lifetime. Stretches of coast set up by splendid accommodations and luxury venues with unique views in the world. Sorrento is one of the primary destinations to stay and enjoy this wonderful holiday. There are many tours […]

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